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In today’s very competitive business world, you need to know that the people you hire can accomplish the tasks that you assign to them. Accounting software has grown immensely in the last 15 years and with it, increased expectation of the end-user’s expertise and training.

In order for your financial reporting, which is the backbone of your operations, to be relevant, you need your personnel to be trained correctly in Accounting Software use and knowledge. You need to place your workers in the best position for them, and you, to succeed.

That’s what we do, because we are your Accounting Software Expert who will help you. 

Business Data Automation is an authorized partner of internationally famous Accounting, Inventory and Payroll Management Software QuickBooks and SmallBiz ERP for Bangladesh. This organization has been established in 2011 with the vision is to implement the modern system of accounting procedure in Bangladesh.
 History of Company:
Business Data Automation is established in July-2011 with a specific mission and vision. This organization works only in accounting and financial management software to make digitized any company or corporate house in its territory. In Bangladesh, there is huge scope to work in Accounting information system. From this idea, founder of this organization had decided to work in this field by forming this organization investing his Talents and experiences.
 Our Main Task:
We are mainly involved in sale of accounting software as well as provide necessary training on it. We are also committed to increase the capability of Human Resources in Accounting profession in Bangladesh.