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SmallBiz ERP is an ideal Financial Management Software for Small to mediam sized organizations. It is web based software which can be accessed from anywhere. Users can login from his desktop, Laptop, Tab and even from mobile phone. PHP and MySQL database has been used in front end and back end of this software and all the standard Accounting and Inventory features are available. Detail features and Reports are following:


Purchase Module:

  1. Purchase Order
  2. Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Against Purchase Order
  3. Bill against GRN
  4. Direct Purchase without GRN
  5. Payment Against Bills
  6. Purchase Returns
  7. Purchase Returns Apply to Bills

Sales Module:

  1. Quotation
  2. Sales Order
  3. Delivery Note
  4. Invoice against Sales Order
  5. Invoice against Delivery Note
  6. Direct Invoice
  7. Payment against Invoice
  8. Sales Returns
  9. Sales Returns apply to Invoice
  10. Credit Limit
  11. Recurring Invoices

Inventory Module:

  1. Maintain Item Name, Code and Image
  2. Multiple Item Type
  3. Multiple Warehouse
  4. Inter Warehouse Transfer
  5. Inventory Adjustment
  6. Reorder Level
  7. Unit of Measurement

Production Module:

  1. Bill of Materials
  2. Overhead Allocation
  3. Production Entry

Fixed Assets Module:

  1. Asset List with Image
  2. Asset Category
  3. Asset Location Transfer
  4. Asset Disposal
  5. Asset Sale
  6. Depreciation Entry
  7. Method of Depreciation: Straight Line, Reducing Balance, Double Declining, Sum of Years Method.

Banking and GL Module:

  1. Payment Voucher
  2. Receipt Voucher
  3. Contra Voucher
  4. Journal Voucher
  5. Bank Reconciliation
  6. Budgeting
  7. VAT Current Account

Reports (Some Common Reports):

  1. Balance Sheet
  2. Profit & Loss Account
  3. Trail Balance
  4. General Ledger
  5. Statement of Cash Flow
  6. VAT Current Account Report
  7. Inventory Valuation Report
  8. Inventory Movement Report
  9. Inventory Status Report
  10. Warehouse wise Inventory Status Report
  11. Supplier Aging Report
  12. Customer Aging Report
  13. Purchase Summary
  14. Sales Summary

General Features:

  1. Accounts Receivable Aging
  2. Accounts Payable Aging
  3. Integrated Accounting and Inventory
  4. Web Based Solution
  5. Access from anywhere
  6. Access through any mobile phones
  7. Multi-Currency
  8. Cost Center
  9. Projects
  10. Documents Attach with Transactions
  11. Easy Backup and Restore
  12. Export any Reports to Excel and PDF
  13. Role Based Access Control
  14. Audit Trail

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